Did You Know?

  • April 20th (4/20) is considered as an occasion/holiday for smoking and celebrating marijuana, 4:20 is the time to smoke pot everday, lol, kinda like it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.
  • Did you know there are 421 vape shops in fredericton, (just kidding) one too many!
  • Did you now which one is the best? Mary Jane Vapes (NOT JUST KIDDING).
  • Did you know Mary Jane Vapes is not a “vape” shop? we are a head shop with vapes. We carry …. so much! Great giftable ideas.
  • Did you know Mary Jane Vapes has been located at the top of Hanwell Rd for almost 7 years? Come in and see usat 1299 Hanwell Rd Unit #1.
  • Did you know the owner / operator of MJV is really named Mary Jane? Fact.
  • Did you know MJV is scent and pet friendly? Sorry to our sensitive customers. MJV has many smelly products and many furry family members including Mary Jane’s husband.
  • Curbside pick up or shipping is no problem? Give us a call, 444-VAPE (8273) or reach us at sales@maryjanevapes.ca or Facebook works too.
  • Did you know that after or around your 3rd visit we usually start talking back? yes we do.
  • Did you know we are open Mon-Fri and Sat 10-5? We are. Although, there is no guarantee that after 4:20 you won’t get a more in depth answer than you asked for.
  • Did you know its always 420 at MJV?
  • Whether you are a medical or recreational cannabis consumer. We got it and we got you.

Thank You from Mary Jane “Vapes” Dont take the Vapes too serious or literal, we carry it all! And we know our S#%t!